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Category: Humor

Goose’s Breakfast Club

Have you ever had soggy hash browns with no crunch? How about a mug of coffee that tastes like bitter water? Lastly, what about a a hotels continental breakfast that […]

My Life Savings | 1/26/19

$2.47 You ever have one of those days? You know those days! My wife texts me and says her car heater is not working, the oven won’t work, the garage […]

My Life Savings | 12/2/2018

$26.93 Let celebrate some of the things I’ve gotten right. Things I should have bet on so my life saving would have tripled, it would be at $80.79 instead of […]

My Life Savings – 11/18/18

$36.34 Last week I bet the over on the average margin of victory being 36 for the #1 seeded teams in the first round of the D3 playoffs. It was […]

My Life Savings – 11/4/18

This week my savings skyrocketed to $20.15. Not sure it’s enough to allow me to retire yet. I still have the ‘move to Wyoming and be a rodeo clown’ retirement […]

My Life Savings – 10/28/18

This week my savings is at $894,000,0014.11. That’s what I was hoping it would be after the Mega Millions lottery. I was so close to winning it. By that I […]

The “Flip Back” Channel

Every sporting event, needs a flip back channel. You know, the sporting event has too many commercials, advertisements after a touchdown then after the kick-off after the touchdown. Between innings, […]

LeBron Should Join WWE

When I was a kid, I loved to watch what at the time was called “All Star Wrestling”, then WWF, now WWE.  Anyway, there would always be a match that […]