Big Rod’s AAF Opening Weekend Picks

AAF kicks off tomorrow. The first week picks are a lot like picking that early college bowl game between North Carolina A&T and Alcorn State, but I’ve done my homework […]

My Super Bowl LIII Running Diary

4:40 PM – The Boys joined me so I had to change from watching the movie “Walk the Line” to watch the pregame. Talking about what a freak of nature […]

My Life Savings | 1/26/19

$2.47 You ever have one of those days? You know those days! My wife texts me and says her car heater is not working, the oven won’t work, the garage […]

College Football’s B1G Problem

On January 1, 2015, Ohio State beat Oregon in the first college football playoffs championship game after receiving the #4 seed and upsetting Alabama in the semi-finals. The playoff system […]

My Life Savings | 12/2/2018

$26.93 Let celebrate some of the things I’ve gotten right. Things I should have bet on so my life saving would have tripled, it would be at $80.79 instead of […]

My Life Savings – 11/18/18

$36.34 Last week I bet the over on the average margin of victory being 36 for the #1 seeded teams in the first round of the D3 playoffs. It was […]

Big Rod’s “No BS in FBS” Bracket

Every Tuesday the committee releases the new ranking for the “playoffs”. So I am releasing my weekly bracket for what it should look like if we combine the FCS system […]

My Life Savings – 11/4/18

This week my savings skyrocketed to $20.15. Not sure it’s enough to allow me to retire yet. I still have the ‘move to Wyoming and be a rodeo clown’ retirement […]

My Life Savings – 10/28/18

This week my savings is at $894,000,0014.11. That’s what I was hoping it would be after the Mega Millions lottery. I was so close to winning it. By that I […]

The “Flip Back” Channel

Every sporting event, needs a flip back channel. You know, the sporting event has too many commercials, advertisements after a touchdown then after the kick-off after the touchdown. Between innings, […]

Coaches on Camping Chairs

We always talk about coaches on the “hot seat”, those that need to win or they will be fired so they can’t get too comfortable in their chair. Then you […]

What If School Shooters Were Black

The past year we have seen the second amendment protected time and again. “That’s the price of freedom” is the typical response to a school shooting.   This past year […]

LeBron Should Join WWE

When I was a kid, I loved to watch what at the time was called “All Star Wrestling”, then WWF, now WWE.  Anyway, there would always be a match that […]