Bop’s 2018 NFL Award Winners

I have to say, the 2018 NFL season was by far one of my favorites in recent memory. Not only because the Bears are finally relevant again, although that helps, […]

Bop’s 1-Month NBA Season Summary

The 2018-19 NBA Season has been nothing short of entertaining so far. The Sacramento Kings are .500 and competitive again (and yes, they’re still a team), the best team in […]

Episode 1 | The “Reboot”

Big Rod, Bear, and The Basement Boys are BACK! They kick off with a brand new Reboot Episode featuring college football scores & updates, Big Rod's Guide to the Flip Back Channel, and more!

How Can The Bucks Be This Bad?

Let me start this by saying yesterday I wrote “I don’t see Marcus Morris scoring 21 again and I sure as heck don’t see Terry Rozier scoring 23.” Well, guess […]

Bucks vs. Celtics – Game 2 Preview

I’ve had some time to cool down after going on my rant yesterday in my recap article about the Bucks. While I was incredibly frustrated with how the Bucks defended […]

NBA Playoffs Opening Weekend Recap

Okay, so let me be honest. Writing my playoff preview on Friday, I felt pretty confident in my picks and predictions. After this weekend, I clearly have zero idea what […]

Bop’s 2018 NBA Playoff Preview

The 2018 playoffs are here! I’ve been an NBA fan since the day I could walk. My grandpa had me a Bulls fan early on, watching Jordan and Pippen (even […]