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Month: October 2018

My Life Savings – 10/28/18

This week my savings is at $894,000,0014.11. That’s what I was hoping it would be after the Mega Millions lottery. I was so close to winning it. By that I […]

Episode 1 | The “Reboot”

Big Rod, Bear, and The Basement Boys are BACK! They kick off with a brand new Reboot Episode featuring college football scores & updates, Big Rod's Guide to the Flip Back Channel, and more!

The “Flip Back” Channel

Every sporting event, needs a flip back channel. You know, the sporting event has too many commercials, advertisements after a touchdown then after the kick-off after the touchdown. Between innings, […]

Coaches on Camping Chairs

We always talk about coaches on the “hot seat”, those that need to win or they will be fired so they can’t get too comfortable in their chair. Then you […]